How to receive rewards


How do I connect my Twitch account with my game account?
In order to receive DROPS, your Twitch account should be connected to your DROPS account and DROPS should be enabled.
Please see 'how to receive DROPS' from top of the event page.
If you don't have an Eternal Return account,
download from Steam and play for free!

What streams do I need to watch to receive rewards?
You can get DROPS from watching the a DROPS-Enabled stream in the Eternal Return category. For EMOTE DROPS, you can only obtain them from certain streamers.
You can check out all of the active campaigns and the how to get rewards from here
How do I know if I'm participating in the DROPS campaign?
There will be an notification at the top of Twitch chat if you are watching a channel that is participating in a DROPS campaign
When are DROPS being provided, and how can I receive them?
Once you reach 100%, you will either see a Pop-up on Twitch notifying you, or you can check your Twitch DROPS inventory.
You can get your DROPS in the in-game Store menu in the 'DROPS' category.
How can I be selected as a twitch streamer for the EMOTE DROPS event?
<Streamers who meet the ER Creator criteria>
To become an ER Creator, you must apply on the website!
ER Creators who have met certain criteria may be selected to participate the Emote DROPS! campaign.

<Streamers selected by Nimble Neuron>
We will personally reach out to creators that have a passion for ER or similar games and want to help promote the growth of Eternal Return! And also get their face in game.

Information for DROPS Events

If you have multiple accounts, make sure the correct one is linked
If you have multiple Steam and Twitch accounts, it's possible that your account linked to the game and the account that you use for Twitch are different.
If this is the case, you may not be able to receive your DROPS in-game.

You may have logged out from your account, but it's possible that it is still open on a different browser, so please check again.

After logging out and everything, link the account that you would like to receive your rewards from.
Receiving DROPS rewards twice is not possible.
If you have 2 accounts in the game that are linked to your Twitch account, it's only possible for the first one in the system to receive the reward.
Receive your DROPS before the expiration date.
DROPS acquired during Twitch events have a fixed expiration date.
Make sure to receive your DROPS before this expiration date through the Twitch inventory.
You won't be able to get your DROPS after the expiration date.

※ Information about DROPS can be found on Twitch.

※ If the expiration date has passed and you have problems receiving your reward, it will be hard for us to help you so we kindly request that you follow the recommendations given above for the smoothest Twitch DROPS experience.